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Real People. Real Stories. Real Solutions.

Let’s stop the judgement
and start the conversation, whether
you’ve had an addiction or not.

Drug abuse and addiction is a major problem all around the world right now.

IamDF (I am Drug Free) is an online drug awareness campaign that shares real stories, from real people, from all walks of life, who are proud to be Drug Free.

These stories are from people who have, and haven’t been addicted to drugs. Stories from people who have successfully come off drugs, and HOW they did it. And, stories from people who have never been addicted to drugs, and WHY they haven’t.

By sharing these stories, we hope to:

  1. EDUCATE the youth about the dangers of taking drugs.
  2. Provide real stories and REAL SOLUTIONS to those who are abusing or addicted to drugs.
  3. Give SUPPORT and hope to those who have a loved one who is addicted.
  4. Get more people being PROUD to be Drug Free.

Drugs Hurt More
Than Just Yourself


Our mission is to get 1 million Likes on our Facebook page,
in support of being proud to be Drug Free,
keeping our youth away from drugs,
and helping others to become Drug Free.
We need your help.

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Latest videos

Zoe Naylor: Mother, Storyteller, Producer, MC, Entrepreneur, Activist
Kortney Olson: CEO of GRRRL Clothing and Founder of Kamp Konfidence
Past Addict of Cocaine and Alcohol
Diamond Langi: Miss Face of Beauty International 2013
Selina Scoble
Olympian & Founder

Hi, I’m Selina Scoble, the founder of IamDF.

Drug Abuse and Addiction is a major problem around the world right now, that only seems to be getting worse. And…

Drugs don’t discriminate – drug abuse and addiction can happen to anyone, and it is happening amongst every walk of life – youth, athletes, musicians, professionals, mums and dads, the elderly… EVERY DAY PEOPLE.

Whether we like it or not, drugs is a major epidemic in today’s society. I’m sick of watching the news each day, only to hear about another story of drug abuse. I’m sick of hearing stories about friends losing friendships due to drugs.

I’m concerned for the future of our youth as the drugs are getting harder and more addictive. And drugs often go hand in hand with violence, depression, mental health and suicide.

So I’ve decided to do my bit to give back and try help by launching #IamDF. Let’s be proud to be Drug Free!

“If I can save one life, then it’s worth it.”

Help me get 1 million Likes on Facebook
in support of being proud to be Drug Free,
keeping our youth away from drugs, and
helping others to become Drug Free.

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#IamDF Ambassador Sione Faumuina shares his 5 tips on how he successfully stopped drinking 3 years ago. ...

Hey everyone, Just sharing a video around some of the ways I stopped drinking, share it if you think it may assist someone you know. Since giving up alcohol, so many positive things have happened in my life. So if you're trying to kick the booze, this may be the start of you finding your "Second Phase" *Shout out to the brothers from The Loft Barbershop Australia for the fresh fade today.

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This man is on a mission to help as many people as he can. #IamDF (I am Drug Free) Ambassador, Sione Faumuina has a quick video about what he's up to this year. If you know of any organisations in Brisbane who want to hear Sione's story on the NRL, alcohol and depression, or how you can find your 'second phase' in life, reach out to Awesome work Sione, keep up the great work!!

#iamdrugfree #youcanrecover #drugfree #thesecondphase

Here is a short video outlining what I am up to, and I can't wait to share it with you guys.

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I'm excited to officially welcome our newest #IamDF (I am Drug Free) Ambassador, the Brisbane Broncos young gun Tevita Pangai Jnr. He's going to be one to watch this year in the NRL. It's awesome to have a young up and coming NRL player who is proud to be Drug Free and wants to help as many others be proud too. Welcome Tevita!!!

"Join me in this great campaign by Liking the Facebook page.”

Tevita Pangai Jnr
Brisbane Broncos
NRL - National Rugby League

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