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Introducing the Founder, Selina Scoble

My name is Selina Scoble, the founder of IamDF.

Here’s why I’ve started this campaign…

I’ve never had a drug addiction, but I have friends and family, including an Olympic team mate, who have been affected by drugs, both directly and indirectly (you probably do too).

I have 4 nephews and a niece all under the age of 7 – I’m concerned about the peer pressure they’ll soon face with the hard drugs that are out there now.

Selina Scoble
Olympian & Founder
“If I can save one life,
then it’s worth it.”

Drug Abuse and Addiction is a major problem around the world right now, that only seems to be getting worse.


Drugs don’t discriminate.

Drug abuse and addiction can happen to anyone, and it is happening amongst every walk of life and race – youth, athletes, musicians, professionals, mums and dads, the elderly… EVERY DAY PEOPLE.

Whether we like it or not, drugs is a major epidemic in today’s society.

I’m sick of watching the news each day, only to hear about another story of someone being bashed or murdered, due to a violent outrage from drugs.

I’m sick of hearing stories about friends losing friendships due to drugs.

I’m concerned for the future of our youth as the drugs are getting harder and more addictive.
And drugs often go hand in hand with violence, depression, and suicide.

So I’ve decided to do my bit to give back and try help…

I have launched – I am Drug Free.

IamDF shares stories from people who have been addicted to drugs, but have successfully come off them, and HOW they did it.

And, stories from people who have never touched drugs before, and WHY they haven’t.

By sharing these stories, I hope to:

  1. EDUCATE the youth about the dangers of taking drugs.
  2. Provide REAL SOLUTIONS to those who are abusing or addicted to drugs.
  3. Give HOPE to those who have loved ones who are using drugs.
  4. PROMOTE the #IamDF message around the world from people who are PROUD to be Drug Free.
My mission is to get 1 Million Facebook Likes on my Facebook page, in support of being proud to be Drug Free.

Please Like and Share the Facebook page so we can make a difference.

I’m also looking for:

  1. Ambassadors to support this campaign who are proud to be Drug Free.
  2. Sponsors who want to be on all of our marketing material and videos.
  3. Everyday people to share their story and passion on why they are proud to be Drug Free.
If just one story saves a life, then it’s worth it.

Thanks in advance for your support!

You can contact Selina at or click here.