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You Can Recover

Kortney Olson: CEO of GRRRL Clothing and Founder of Kamp Konfidence

My name is Kortney and I am a shoe hoare, a gym addict, a recovered drug addict/alcoholic – I am all sorts of things!

I’m currently the MF CEO, otherwise known as the CEO of GRRRL clothing and the Founder of Kamp Konfidence which is a revolutionary workshop, wellness program for teenage girls.

My story is pretty interesting, I spose, because it’s a rare story. Most of us that are addicted for that long and starting out that early don’t come out the other side with such gleam.

I still tell people, look! – I still have all my teeth, it’s a miracle!

And not only that, I have my limbs, I’m not in prison, it’s truely a miracle.

I believe 110% that I was put on this earth to do exactly what I’m doing by continuing to serve as an example that we do recover, and to help prevent people from going down the same path that I did.

If you have a story or message about drugs you want to share, please contact us here.

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