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Stop the Judgement

Zoe Naylor: Mother, Storyteller, Producer, MC, Entrepreneur, Activist

I get to a point where I go, why not?!!

My sisters were like don’t share your story, you’re gonna be another one of those actresses. Anyone who shares their story, who gets anywhere with that?

I’m like, well look – Philip Seymour Hoffman died of a heroin overdose. Robin Williams died from depression. Like, why not?!! What are we protecting?

I said, it’s not exactly like my career as an actress has been to Hollywood, I wanted to go there, but like, what have I got to lose?

And when I had to find my life purpose, as being of service to others in helping them awaken, I went, isn’t there something to be garnered from someone who’s been in that place especially not typically on the surface you know, like good private school girl scholarship to uni.

Isn’t there something to be garnered about that?

And because I’ve done the work, and I’m doing the work, then surely I’m in a position to help others shift from where ever they are.

I will study and become a therapist in private practice, I’m just working out whether I do counselling or psychology but, isn’t that my kind of isn’t that as the human race our job? To kind of be one with our brothers and our sisters?

So who am I to say, I’m not going to share my story because I’m worried about someone judging me or my career not happening well, what career? What is that? What is that? What is a career anyway?

It’s a label of an income stream if I’m afraid about losing that because of other ways people think of me then my self worth hasn’t been filled on a deep, deep, deep level.

On the same note, I think you’ve got to do what’s true for you. It was true for me to share my story at this point in what I want to do in service in the world. It may not be true for you and know that, that is ok.

But don’t judge another for doing it because it takes guts, hey, to turn up and share from the right place – not from a place that says love me, love me, love me, love my story – but from the right place.

It takes guts.

Then what I’ve found is that the messages I’ve had from people. If one person is shifted, if one person says…

Thank you, for giving me the balls to call a therapist today.
Thank you, for showing me that I can do an AA meeting.
Thank you, for taking me to a meeting and helping me recognise where I might be hiding addiction within myself.

Then isn’t that it??

I don’t know? Is for me.

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